Produce Pre-Order Form

2017 Produce Reservation

Thank you for pre-ordering your produce from Blooming Junction. We will call you 2 days prior to your order being ready. It is important that you pick up your order promptly so that your produce is fresh. Please use the comment box for any special instructions. Upon receiving your order, we will call you for your credit card information over the phone, or you may send a check for the 50% deposit. Again, thank you for your order!

*(Date Wanted) is a target date. Actual harvest dates and weather will determine exact readiness for your order.

Note: To reserve large quantities of produce, please prepay at the time of order. We will call you just prior to the date wanted.
Item Minimum Qty Price Order Date Date Wanted* Qty Comments Approx. Avail
Corn - Freezing 4 doz TBD Jul-Sept
Dill Pickling 10 bunch TBD Jul-Sept
Green Beans 20 Lbs TBD Jul-Sept
Pickling Cucumbers 20 Lbs TBD Jul-Aug
Potatoes - Mixed fingerling 25 Lbs TBD Jul
Potatoes - Yukon 25 Lbs TBD Jul
Potatoes - Chieftain 25 Lbs TBD Jul
Potatoes - Russet 25 Lbs TBD Jul
Potatoes - Purple 25 Lbs TBD Jul
Red Beets 10 Lbs TBD Jul
Marion Berries Flat TBD Jul
Blackberries Flat TBD Jul
Strawberries Flat TBD May-June
Tomatoes - Canning 20 Lbs TBD Aug-Sept
Tomatoes - Sauce/Salsa 20 Lbs TBD Jul-Sept