Bulk Produce Pre-Orders

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  • We will call you when your order is ready and take your credit card payment over the phone.
  • We are unable to guarantee your order will be ready on a specific date. If you have a preference for specific date(s) you can add them to the ‘Comments’ field, and we will due our best to accommodate given variable field conditions. Please note the “Availability” status of each crop in the description below to get a better idea of when we are able to fill your order!
  • It is important that you pick up your order promptly once paying over the phone so that your produce is fresh.
  • If you would like curb-side pickup just call our store (503) 681-4646 when you are in the parking lot and we will bring out your order

Thank you for pre-ordering your produce from Blooming Junction!

Dill- Fragrant and flavorful bunches of flowering dill! Bunches include several 2-3′ stalks with flower heads. Excellent for picking or fresh cooking! Availability: Almost ready to harvest! (~2 weeks out)

Green Beans- Crunchy, fresh beans with a crips edible shell perfect for preserving! Limited quantities of purple, yellow and french beans will also be available in limited quantities. Please note in the comments section if you are interested in a specialty variety. Availability: Harvesting Now! Season has just begun.

Pickling Cucumbers– Shorter and fatter than your average grocery store cucumber, these cukes are perfect for pickling! These crunchy refreshing cukes are also delicious as a fresh snack on a hot day! Cucumbers range in size from 3-5″on average. If you would like a specific size please specify in the comments and we will do our best to accommodate. If you do not specify we will give you a mix of all sizes. Please note that we are not able to fill orders for gherkin cucumbers (<3″). Availability: Harvesting Now! Season is just beginning!

Blackberries– Plump, juicy, sweet and so very tasty! These are not the small seedy Himilayan blackberries you find on the side of the road or creeping into your garden. We grow several varieties that all produce big, robust berries that are excellent for freezing, preserving and of course fresh eating! Availability: Harvesting Now! Season is just beginning!

Marionberries-  An Oregon favorite! Sweet and complex flavor distinguishes marionberries from their blackberry cousins. Lovely for preserving, heavenly in baked goods and irresistible for fresh eating! Availability: Harvesting Now! Season is just beginning!

Item Price Qty Comments
Green Beans (10lb min)* $2.00/lb
Pickling Cucumbers (10lb min)* $1.80/lb
Blackberries, Full Flat $38
Marionberries, Full Flat $38

*If you would like to purchase less than 10lbs just stop by the store, no need to pre-order!