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Winter Squash Guide 2021

A Bounty of Winter Squash! Nothing says fall like winter squash roasting in the over. Our winter squash harvest is complete, and we are stocked up! We grew over ten varieties this year, some of which you may have


Farm Fresh Potatoes! We grew seven varieties of potatoes this year, and they are beautiful! Each variety has it's own unique flavor, texture, and color. Check out our guide below for details about each variety. These potatoes are fully

For the Love of Eggplant

For the love of eggplant! We are growing four varieties of eggplant this year, and they are in peak season! We know that this delicious and versatile veggie can be a bit... unapproachable. We are here to share four

Herbs for Tea

Herbs for Tea! Nothing says cozy like curling up with a steaming cup of herbal tea! High quality herbal teas can be expensive, but many of the most popular herbs used for tea are easily grown here in the

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