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Regular hours: Monday - Saturday 9am - 7pm & Sunday 10am - 4pm
Regular hours: Monday - Saturday 9am - 7pm & Sunday 10am - 4pm

CLASS Salsa Gardening: Grow a Salsa Garden in a Container

- Saturday, June 15th from 1pm - 2:30pm

This class is designed for gardening enthusiasts of all levels who are interested in combining their love for fresh, home-grown produce with the zest and flavors of homemade salsa.

In this engaging and informational session Shannon Feltus of Urban Farm Foods will share her passion for edible gardening and sustainable practices. Whether you have a large backyard garden, a small balcony, or anything in between, this class will cover the practical aspects of planting a salsa-themed garden.

You’ll learn the secrets of companion planting, a time-honored gardening technique that enhances plant growth and reduces pests, all while maximizing your gardening space. From tomatoes and peppers, to cilantro and more, you'll discover how to grow all the essential salsa ingredients together in a single container.

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Cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to event in order to qualify for a refund.

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